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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a unique and effective way to treat hormone imbalances in men and women. Many women turn to replacement therapy when they hit menopause, but only BHRT is customized to replace hormones that match what your body makes naturally. BHRT is not the only option for hormone replacement, but it is the only way you can get a natural hormone treatment.

People in the United States and Europe have received BHRT since the 1930′s. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Sylvester Stallone and Suzanne Somers have said that they use BHRT. Millions of patients receive this type of treatment to improve their quality of life.

BHRT is a type of hormone replacement treatment that matches the molecular structure of a person’s hormones. Doctors take a sample of your saliva, blood or urine, and test them to determine your specific hormonal needs. test results then used to prescribe bioidentical hormones that are structurally identical to your natural hormones. This is the primary difference between BHRT and standard hormone therapy. Standard hormone therapy uses patented hormonal structures and Patients all receive the same generic formulas.

The bioidentical hormones are derived from plants. Soybeans and wild yams are commonly used to make BHRT. But most of the standard products are completely synthesized.

Uses of BHRT and benefits

BHRT may be beneficial for women experiencing menopause, postmenopause and perimenopause. Getting BHRT could help women experience fewer problems, including:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood issues
  • Night sweats
  • Reduced mental clarity
  • Bone loss
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Excess body fat
  • diminished muscle tone

Men may also get BHRT, usually referred to as male HRT. Possible benefits for men include:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain
  • Stronger bones
  • New hair growth
  • More energy
  • Muscle gain
  • Improved focus and memory
  • Lower body fat

Estrogen can help raise levels of “good” cholesterol, HDL. It may also lower “bad” cholesterol, LDL. Estrogen alone or  combined with testosterone and progesterone may decrease chances of bone loss.

Progesterone is important to balance out estrogen.

Some people mistakenly believe that testosterone is only necessary for men. Women need testosterone too. It is important for an optimal functioning sex drive in both genders.

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BHRT Forms and Dosing

BHRT comes in several types that mimic the hormones in the body to replace what is out of balance.

People can use BHRT in different forms. BHRT comes as creams, oils, suppositories, oral medications, and injections.

Besides the different types of hormones used for BRHT, there are also more than one dosing option. One option for taking BHRT is static dosing, which is when a doctor prescribes a steady dosage of the hormone to be taken daily. Dosing can also be cycled, in that women take specific hormone (ie:progesterone) at certain days of the month.

Fewer Side Effects

BHRT may cause fewer side effects than synthetic hormones. Standard hormone therapy is powerful and frequently causes side effects. Since BHRT uses natural hormones in amounts similar to what your body produces, you should be able to metabolize them easily.

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BHRT and Breast Cancer

Many experts believe that BHRT is not appropriate for women who have had breast cancer or who have a family history of the disease. BHRT is not more dangerous than other types of hormone replacement therapy for women who are prone to breast cancer, but it may be best to avoid it.

If you have a history of breast cancer personally or in your family, consult your doctor about BHRT. Many patients are given anti-estrogen medication, but some patients may be candidates for BHRT.

Getting Started

As you age, your hormonal balance is fluid. It changes overtime and even every day. Sometimes hormone levels decline and your body needs a little support. BHRT gives your body that support it needs. It is generally best to start with a low, gentle form and make adjustments from there. Your doctor will determine the best amount for you.

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