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To become a patient of Dr. Tsadok, you must start with an initial consultation. Before scheduling this meeting, we will send you a brief questionnaire that you can fill out at your convenience. By your preference, you can either fax the completed questionnaire back or bring it along to your consultation. If you have any relevant laboratory work, we will request copies of those reports via fax or personal delivery.

During the consultation, Dr. Tsadok carefully reviews everything you have submitted in order to offer his professional recommendations. He will listen to your concerns, discuss your needs and introduce a program that will satisfy both. After your consultation, you will have an understanding of every step of the program, including the immediate ones to take. You may be asked to undergo further testing or start with the first treatment options.

Dr. Tsadok holds core beliefs regarding the impact of nutrition, stress, toxicity levels and exercise routines on a person’s overall health. Your choices, thoughts and feelings are important matters that hold relevance to your personal healing experience. Dr. Tsadok will work with you on these issues in order to facilitate the healing process.

Do not hesitate to call Dr. Tsadok to discuss his approach, address your concerns and ask questions before your initial meeting. You can schedule this free telephone consultation by clicking here to email Dr. Tsadok.

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